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Art and culture - English language exhibition invite information. Here´s a  pretty well random selection of  information in English that was already available as data. I´m working on a more comprehensive version.

 {Copy Art Magazine Information below.*}

  Come and visit us. The best time is at our KUNSTamSONNTAG open studio event every last Sunday of the month 6 'til 8 p.m. Admission free.
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Notes for artists considering exhibiting at our place.

KunstamSonntag      The (suggested) Deal

As we are all colleagues [ as opposed to galerists] we offer to help you to help yourself, rather than a service.

‘The suggested Deal’ looks roughly like this:

We offer-
Exhibiting space, our advice, the benefit of our experience and assistance on a ‘we help you to help yourself basis’, use of our address list, hospitality, time, self-made copy art catalogue? and [usually] some postage and advertising costs which must be laid out by the artist and recovered by receipt when and if the town council transfers the funds.
Our condition-
The exhibition must be open between 6 and 8 p.m. on the last Sunday of the month.
Our wish-
That the artist should produce a postcard [ or postcard-size flyer] as advertising for/invitation to the event [tradition]. Our ‘slogan’ - Every last Sunday ...etc.- must be included in advertising.
In a nutshell: you’re expected to clean up afterwards.

Experience has shown that people only come to the opening of studio exhibitions so we now have only openings- on the last Sunday of the month from 6 until 8 p.m.. The event can be open longer but the artist is then solely responsible for supervision.

Exhibitions in Block 16 are not representational - save that for NYC, but are at the production base so experimental and communicative events that involve the general public are particularly welcome.

Most artists choose to exhibit in our 300 m2 cellar where they have complete expressive freedom. It is possible to use the other rooms by arrangement

  KUN5Tam5ONNTAG (lit. 'Art on Sunday' playing on the 'very yellow' German tabloid 'Bild am Sonntag'lit. Picture on Sunday) is the Copy Art publication of the studio-sharers 'Atelier Block 16'.It may be used for any (artistic/art-related) purpose, but we originally thought of intensifying the communication between artists as well as attempting to bring an understanding of our work to a wider public. CONTRIBUTORS ARE KINDLY REQUESTED TO SEND THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS (ONE CONTRIBUTION = 20 SHEETS with name, please, DIN A4, Margin for binding = 1 inch) TO:  Nigel Packham, ATELIER BLOCK 16, EDWIN-OPPLER-WEG 14 , D-30167 HANOVER, GERMANY. English language contributions are very welcome, and generally quite well understood by our public